In Sweden, they truly take pick and mix to the next level with shops dedicated to Sweets alone! The walls and long rows of tubs filled with LÖSGODIS (loose sweets) will make many Swedish hearts beat faster

with happiness.



Most Swedes are crazy about GODIS (sweets) and who can blame them?!


(Luckily they are just as obsessed about brushing their teeth and exercising so they get away with it!)



So the Swedes definitely have a sweet tooth but besides sweets sweets they of course also love sour sweets and more unusually they love (and are slightly obsessed with) salty sweets, called SALT LAKRITS (salted liquorice). This rather strong flavour is not for everyone, it's a bit of a love-hate thing, but those who do enjoy it, really love it!



(Saturday Sweets) is a national institution, allowing both kids but of course grown ups too to buy and enjoy lots of sweets on a Saturday.

Presumably with the general understanding that they therefore resist eating sweets any other day of the week...