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Believe it or not, there is more to Swedish food then meatballs and hot dogs, even the Swedes don't eat them ALL the time (not quite anyway). 

So here are a few more Swedish food traditions you can experience in the Swedish Den:

FIKA: Hot drink (traditionally coffee but you choose whatever you prefer) with a bun or cake. It is almost the law in Sweden to have this at least once a day and usually you would be offered PÅTÅR (refill). 

So to honour the Swedish PÅTÅR tradition our filter coffee is free refill!

MACKA: A Swedish open sandwich. Very much like with a sandwich there is no limit to what topping can be piled on a MACKA. There is always a hunt for the winning combinations... ham with mustard and apple sauce or dill cured salmon with cucumbers and dill and mustard sauce or simply Swedish cheese slices sprinkled with chopped spring onions. Each MACKA is a small taste sensation in itself. 

HUSMANSKOST: Good simple home cooking. Not ridiculously healthy, bit of cream here, bit of butter there for good taste but just honest and fresh ingredients and definitly good for the soul.