Yes PEA -se!

This is one of Swedens lesser known traditions, but a large number of Swedes eat PEA SOUP

on Thursdays, usually followed by pancakes! Even the Swedish Army cooks up massive vats of delicious warming and filling (and healthy!!!) pea soup to feed their hard working men and women.

Not everyone likes their pea soup in the same way! You could drizzle cream or grate cheese on it... some have it with smoked sausage or maybe bacon and other enjoy it as a vegetarian and even VEGAN meal and best of all it is naturally GLUTEN FREE!

I personally like a swirl of mustard to give it a bit of a punch, yummy! :P

On our menu, Pea soup cooked with ginger and finished off with finely chopped leek and sprinkles of thyme.

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