The magic of baking!

This is me, when I was little. I loved baking then and I still do. Now I love baking with my children too, who knows maybe they will one day bake with theirs.

Maybe one of the reasons why I love baking so much is because it really uses all your senses!

The five senses of Christmas:

Touch: You kneed the dough, squash it with your fingers, sprinkle the soft flour like making it snow. You poke the decorations into the dough.

Smell: You smell the spices, the wonderful smells of Christmas.

Sight: You see the shapes, you watch them bake and change colour.

Hearing: You all giggle at the funny bakes you make. Maybe there is Christmas music in the back ground.

Taste: You nibble a bit of the dough when nobody is looking and you lick some of the flour before you realise it is not very nice. Then you get to eat the baked goods and it's the taste of Christmas!

Is it any wonder children and grown ups love baking, it plays to all our senses and stays with us as vivid memories bringing back the smells, tastes and happy feelings.

Besides all the senses it is a fantastic chance to be creative and learn new skills, rolling out dough, using the cookie cutters, carefully lifting the shapes onto the baking tray. Feeling proud of what you made and offering it up for others to admire and try.

Especially at Christmas I think it is important to involve everyone in the preparations, it gives it so much more meaning and builds the excitement. I really feel baking is a wonderful way to spend a bit of quality time together, creating Christmas memories and making new traditions.

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