The Art of Coffee

The Swedish Den and I have come a long way when it comes to coffee:

I've always loved it. (well since being a grown up)

I usually over-consume on it. (I'm a mother of four, what do you expect!?)

I don't mind what kind of coffee it is. Machine, coffee shop, filter.... as long as it has a lot of lovely sweet milk with it and is hot. (Actually, being hot is not that essential, in fact more often then not I end up having my coffee cold but it is a treat when I get to drink it hot.)

Whilst in Sweden they obviously have a lot of very fancy coffee shops nowadays, traditionally the famous FIKA (Coffee and a bun or cake) would more likely be a pot of filter coffee and of course PÅTAR (refill). It has always seemed a perfect concept to me as a multiple cup guzzler and it was always a given that the Swedish Den would offer free refill filter coffee in honour of that wonderful Swedish tradition.

When doing our market research however I found two interesting surprises:

1. A lot of people in Salisbury like hot chocolate instead of tea or coffee.

2. Those who drink coffee often prefer barista coffee to filter.

I would be silly not to listen to what you all want so we decided that besides our free refill filter coffee we will have yummy hot chocolates and the real deal barista coffee in the Swedish Den!

Ever since the decision had been made, to serve barista coffee, I've looked at the baristas when going to a coffee shop of café in a very different way! They all look normal enough, but what they are doing at that monster of a coffee machine looks a bit like black magic!!!

So I booked myself onto a barista course to get a bit more insight and yesterday I spend a day learning about the art of coffee and it really is an art!

Of course I expected to enjoy it, since it was all about my beloved coffee, but I didn't realise it was going to be as much fun as it was! I have a whole new appreciation for the skill of a barista and the love and care that goes into making a perfect cup of coffee! Furthermore it was utterly addictive, I can't wait to get our own machine and carry on making many tasty coffees and show off my new skills!

I am also excited about finding a local coffee roaster to supply us, I will keep you posted on that!

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