SKÅL (cheers) & TACK (thank you)!!!

Celebrating getting the keys to 46 Catherine Street, Salisbury

Now it has been four month since our crazy Swedish Den adventure started with us getting the keys to what was then an empty loveless shell and is now a Swedish Café filled with the smell of cinnamon buns and the chatter of people enjoying FIKA or traditional Swedish meatballs.

The entire Swedish Den team all agree, the four months feel more like four years! So much has happened, so many changes have taken place and what was merely a few drawings and plans in our imaginations is now utterly real and a huge part of our life!

Our four children who have been on this journey with us!

So how did we do it? I truly can't tell you. It's a blur. There was the Wreck-it-Ralph phase and the the Bob-the-builder phase and then the Shop-till-you-drop phase and generally a lot hard work, very little sleep and more hard work.

But now we are here, in 46 Catherine Street with our Swedish Café and Bakery!!! It is all we had hoped for and so much more. We love nothing more than to meet all the people coming into the Swedish Den, sharing stories, exploring the Swedish food and culture and enjoying themselves. When we have a chance we really enjoy spending family time in the Swedish Den and on top of that we have gained a whole new wonderful family in our outstanding, devoted and simply marvellous team.

At this point I would love to say STORT TACK (big thank you) to all the people who have supported and helped us along the way, from baby sitting to building or just keeping positive, we could never have done it alone. And last but by no means least, thank you to all you lovely people who have already visited us since opening, you are truly fantastic!

So here is to all of you, SKÅL (cheers) & TACK (thank you)! XXX

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