S- now problem!

Ok, so at some point I might have to drop the cheesy puns, I know that... but for now I am having quite a lot of fun with that!

Earlier this morning I was not sure how today was going to turn out with all the snow. The kids might have been disappointed but I was pleased as finally the school declared that they were open. After all in Sweden (oh I know you are all rolling your eyes at me now...) they have a lot more snow and there is no instant national stand still, instead they just get on with normal life. (Goodness knows how their health and safety system works, but compulsory winter tires are a good start...) So I wrapped my brave snow explorers up warm and they made it safely to school.

for the moment I am still mainly working from home so I have a pot of coffee on the go and I plan to get on with some work as usual, trying to ignore the Mount Everest building up (not a snow mountain outside but laundry in the house).

I hope you are all keeping safe and warm and enjoying the snow!

Kram (hug in Swedish)


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