MYS (cosiness/enjoyment)

Summer is coming to an end and we are back to school and work. The weather is turning colder and the evenings darker, in Sweden even more so than here. The shops are already gearing up for Halloween and Christmas and it is easy to feel like being stuck in a hamster wheel just rushing on with work all day and being stuck indoors.

This time of year more than ever there is a need for MYS. It means to create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere and switch off from rushing about. Make a point of taking some time to enjoy something together and relaxing. Maybe lighting some candles or a fire in the fireplace, cuddling up with family and friends and enjoying some tasty food and drink. The Swedes call this MYS and the Swedes like MYS so much that they have many different kinds:

SÖNDAGSMYS Spending time enjoying a nice meal or a luxurious FIKA (coffee with cakes and buns and biscuits).

BAKMYS Baking for or with friends and family.

FREDAGSMYS On Friday evening, putting out lots of sweets and crisps or whatever you fancy and watching some TV together.

MORGONMYS Creating a calm and peaceful start to the day.

FRUKOSTMYS Taking the time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and of course have lots of PÅTÅR (refills) of coffee or tea.

JULMYS Enjoying Christmas activities, preparations or food together like; having mould wine, creating decorations or writing cards.

So, why not do as the Swedes do and create some MYS in your life! xXx

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