My voice on BBC Radio Wiltshire

So when I got the request wether I would be happy to have a quick chat on live radio BBC Wiltshire I was just excited and immediately replied yes and didn't worry about it at all. It wasn't until Saturday morning, a couple of hours before I was due to be on the show via telephone, that I started to get nervous. I even tried to practice and it was a DISASTER! I stuttered, waffled, was incoherent... I ended up making it worse by drinking far too much coffee.. Well, I got some advice of a good friend, simple things like have a glass of water ready were super helpful and most of all: Don't think of the fact that you are live on radio, just chat to Jonathan (the show of the show). Well, needless to say, I survived, yay! I didn't do half bad (especially compared to the practise), I think I had a slightly wobbly voice and I forgot to mention our website!!

Listening back my voice sound so unfamiliar and what is that accent I have?! I can now see why people are puzzled where I am from!

Well, if you are interested, I've posted a link below and the bit where he talks to me is 1:13 into the show.

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