IVAR and I

After a fairly grumpy and unfocused start to the day I concluded that trying to get some of the work done on the computer would be a serious uphill struggle and I needed to get out instead. Now where do tired and homesick Swedes go when they feel in need of comfort and free refill filter coffee... IKEA (or hopefully the Swedish Den soon!!!)

Driving up to the big Blue building with the huge yellow letters my Swedish heart beat a little faster, in the many many years since I moved from Sweden I have always considered IKEA a bit of a home away from home.

IVAR shelves have been sold by IKEA for 50 years!

I usually have hubby and our four children with me when I visit IKEA and whilst it is a super family friendly place and we all love it... it's usually exhausting just due to it's size and complicated layout and I hardly ever have a chance to simply wander around and just look. This time however, I did - and it was wonderful. I got some much needed inspiration for the café, and wrote down lots of ideas.

In the end I suddenly stood before a simple natural wood IVAR shelf (see picture 1).. it was like going back in time! I think most Swedes must have grown up with IVAR in their house, I know I certainly did. As a young child I once drew on one of the natural wood shelves and the pencil marks stayed for many years. Countless times my dad and I dissembled and reassembled our IVAR shelves when we moved house or rearranged the rooms and I remember how excited I was when I got our old IVAR shelves for my teenage room when my parents bought new 'fancy' shelves for our living room... I even took the IVAR shelves with me to my first flat when I moved out.

So of course IVAR must have it's place in our café and I can't wait to build it!!!

I arrived home in time for the school run surprising the children with their favourite Swedish snacks and sweets to their delight.

I really hope the Swedish Den will become a home away from home for people in and around Salisbury when it opens, I know for sure it will be for me and I can't wait!

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