I woke up to an email from Sweden and I haven't stopped smiling since!

Many months ago, when the Swedish Den was not much more than a budding idea we came up with the idea of a 1 meter tall Dala horse and what a fun feature it would be. At first we just giggled about it, but the thought stuck and before long I found myself on the phone to Nils Olsson in the Dalarna region in Sweden who produces Dala sorses.

Turns out they really CAN make a 1 meter tall Dala horse and it would most definitely be strong enough to sit on, the man on the phone confirmed, he had in fact tested it before himself.

We realised at this point that we had totally fallen in love with the idea and there was no going back, Swedish Den wouldn't be the same without out our eye grabbing big beautiful Dala horse.

When giving up the official order for our 1 meter Dala Horse I asked them to please take some pictures during the production so we could share them and this morning... you guessed it, the photos arrived!

So, without further ado, here are some pictures of the emerging Dala Horse getting hand painted. Can't wait to have it here in Salisbury in the Swedish Den for everyone to visit, pat or even sit on :)

More references to Dala Horses can be found under these links:

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