Please note: Picnics are currently available only for preorder for Wednesday and Thursday - on the day orders are not possible.

Pre-order here


One picnic for 2 includes:

2 sandwiches of your choice cut into triangles 

4 Small sausage rolls

2 Half size cinnamon buns


Vegetable sticks

Two juice cartons of your choice

The vegetarian picnic comes with a vegetarian mini quiche per person instead of the sausage rolls

Extra Swedish comes with added:

Mini pancakes

Cold meatballs

Swedish chocolate wafers (Kex)

Swedish biscuits with raspberry filling .


Picnic for two 9.95

Picnic for three 14.50

Picnic for four 18.50

Extra Swedish picnic for two 13.95

Extra Swedish picnic for three 18.50

Extra Swedish picnic for four 22.50