You can now preorder freshly baked buns once a week for delivery within Salisbury area (incl. Wilton) or alternately arrange collection.This is how it works:

1. Place your preorder using the form below, minimum order for delivery is £25.

2. You will receive a confirmation and an invoice.

3. Please pay the invoice promptly to secure your order.

4. Look forwards to your yummy buns delivery on your selected date between 4 and 6pm or we will be in touch and arrange for collection.


All our Swedish buns are twice proofed wheat buns.

(contain gluten, dairy and eggs)


Wheat buns are best eaten fresh but can be kept for a few days in a container or plastic bag. 

Alternatively, you can freeze the buns while they are still fresh and they will keep for up to a month. To defrost leave them at room temperature for a couple of hours or defrost for a few minutes in the microwave.

This way you can have a bun whenever the mood takes you :)

For extra yumminess, we recommend heating the buns for 30 seconds in the hot oven or microwave before eating.

Price List (delivery included, minimum order £25)

6 buns        (1 flavour)                     £ 15

12 buns      (up to 2 flavours)             £ 28.50

18 buns      (up to 3 flavours)              £ 39.50

24 buns      (up to 4 flavours)             £ 49.50

5 Chocolate balls                      £ 10 

Toscakaka Almond Cake                  £ 18

Kladdkaka Sticky Chocolate Cake.          £ 15

2 Syrup loafs                              £ 9

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